Lab5 Mobile Videos Module

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Lab5 Mobile Videos - Player Module for Mobile Devices, Flash enabled and HTML5 no-Flash Browsers in particular.



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This module is supposed to bridge the following gaps :

  Video format
Browser  Ogg Theora H.264 WebM / VP8
Firefox Supported Not supported Supported
Chrome Supported Not supported Supported
Opera Supported Not supported Supported
IE 7/8 no support no support no support
IE 9 Notsupported Supported If user installscodec
Safari Not supported Supported Not supported
iPhone / iPad Not supported Supported Not supported

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The complete manual can actually be found in the backend of the module.
But here some shortcuts:
For every myvideo.m4v/.mp4 you enter into the playlist in the backend, you can also lay a myvideo.ogg/.ogv , myvideo.webm, myvideo.3gp onto the server. If the client-environment ( e.g. browser, phone, ... ) doesn't support the m4v / mp4, the module will fallback and try to deliver next format, till it founds one that fits or all are tested throu. So, the more of those formats of the same video you upload, the more client-compatibility you will provide to your users.

Lab5 Module Mobile Videos - Files Server vs. Module Backend

Known Issues & Fixes

Reported troubles & fixes:

  • Playlist doesn't scroll : Most probably jQuery or jQueryTools conflict. Go to the "Compatibility Settings" in the module's backend and play with the switches : Try first to turn jQuery off. Check if works now. If no -> switch jQueryTools off. Check back again. If no -> jQuery on but jQueryTools off. One of those 3 configurations should solve the problem in most cases.



So the tricky thing is -like so often - do give everyone what it can actually chew and swallow. What is not mentioned in the table is one decisive critical information : whereever you have flash, you also have H.264 support ! So since Flash is quite probably available on a normal computer , H.264 ( -> .mp4/.mpv ) occupying pretty much all browsers on desktops, plus is also natively supported by a fair share of mobile devices, plus comes with thirdparty-browsers onto mobile devices later on some times, plus even if the client-device does not support Flash you still have an 50 / 50 percent chance to be able to play it, H.264( -> .mp4/.mpv ) is for sure the best format to rely on so far. This is why this module expects .m4v/.mp4 sources primality. The shares on native codec support by different browsers ( on mobile device's same as on desktop-browsers ) seem to be quite equally shared for the 3 major codecs. Now it's to say that native video-codec support comes to effect for instance when accessed throu HTML5, or by directly accessing a file that is supported. According to that logic and the probabilies for support of the codecs n question, the module works with fallbacks from the most probable working solution to the less, thet is from flash to HTML5 to just opening the vid ( if no HTML5 ). Luckily HTML5's video tag itself has a fallbackmechanism for videosources, so in HTML5 it's really a charm to offer a browser resources in different formats for a video. This is why you can ( and should ) upload parallel formats of your videos, most importantly OGG Theora ( .ogg/.ogv ) so far, but I cold imagine, Google's relatively new codec WebM might soon leave ogg behind, due to Googles influence on the market, but but that ofc is nothing but speculative thinking of mine...

Well whatsoever ... have fun with the extension ;)

Hope, anyone likes it or at least can make use of it...




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