Lab5 - joomla! plugin

  • Cookie Warnings

    Lab5's Cookie Warnings Plugin provides a highly configurable cookies warning script plugin for Joomla! (based on jQuery)

  • Lab5's Captcha

    Lab5's Captcha - Simple but effective Captcha that is COMPLETELY INDEPENDENTt from any external service! Only needs Joomla! and PHP, nothing else!

  • Übercompressor CSS

    Übercompressor CSS - One plugin to rule them all, to find them, to compress them all and into the cache to bind them.

    Powerful StyleSheet CSS compressor, CSS minifier and unifier.

    The purpose is to speed up page loading time. Significantly.

    This Joomla! plugin reduces massively the number of requests a browser has to complete, before properly being able to display the page in a css styled manner. PLUS the plugin reduces the overall mass of data needed to be transfered to the browser, so the request naturally gets completed faster.

  • Übercompressor HTML

    Übercompressor HTML - Speeds up pageloading significantly.

    Powerful StyleSheet HTML compressor, HTML minifier / compressor.

    The purpose is to speed up page loading time significantly.

    This Joomla! plugin speeds up the rendering time in browsers and reduces on the other side the mass of data needed to be transferred by removing unneccesary whitespaces, linebreaks etc. from the webpage's fundamental html, thus speeding up the transfer of the page from server to browser.