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This plugin represents a bundle of usefull functions, to make your work with Jooma! even easier. jPowerTools is a plugin like a swiss army knife. Neat and handy!

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jPowerTools Plugin can:

Overwrite || Remove the Joomla! generator tag :
  • Disable the generator meta tag
  • Overwrite overwrite the generator tag with your own tagline


Integrates Joomla! Options :
  • Disable Bootstrap
  • Disable Mootools
  • Disable jQuery


Bootstrap 3 Options :

Integrate Bootstrap 3 into your Joomla! installation with the greatest of ease !

  • Enable Bootstrap3 JavaScript
  • Enable Bootstrap3 CSS StyleSheet
  • Enable Bootstrap3 CSS default Theme


Cookie Warning Script :

Enable the more and more legally required cookie warning information for your website's visitors.

  • Enable Cookie Warning Script
  • Custom Text / HTML
  • Cookie Lifetime ( minutes )


Site Branding Options ( experimental ) :

Templating content by simple string replacement.

  • Makes taking care of disclaimers, owner's addresses, company name & information etc. in contents and systemwide less a pain in the a**. Set certain strings in jPowerTools in a centralised fashion and then have them available everywhere in Joomla!


For Joomla! 2.5 and above

Enjoy!... Don't forget to rate it ;-)

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