Lab5's Panorama 3D Module

Lab5's simple Google Maps Streetview Panorama Module. No need for a google maps api key or anything.  Just take any Pano URL - directly from Google Maps - and transfere the 2 values for  latitude and longitude into your module's setting and that's all you need to start. There are more setting available for you to adjust your panorama module(s), but they are all optional and not necessary.


I am hereby sharing with y'all a module i have created for a particular case for myself, but since it is so easy to share Joomla! extensions, that is what hereby i do. May it help some of you people out there as well.


But let's make one thing clear : That does in no way mean, that i am giving any sort of support, which i am not. You can either have this module ( without support ) for free, probably  sparing you alot of time, or you can have nothing at all. That's the deal. So pls : No complaints about the fact, that the present doesn't come with any support. But you are of course free to approach me professionally anytime you wish, if e.g.  you need support, modifications or enhancements of the module or anything.

Enjoy! :)

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