Lab5 - Slimbox2

Integrates "Slimbox 2" into Joomla! for intuitive Lightbox functionalities

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Integrates the famous "Slimbox 2" script ( by ) into Joomla!, where Slimbox 2 itself is a visual clone of the popular Lightbox 2 script by L.Dhakar, written using the jQuery javascript library.

Options overview :
Auto-Activation, Auto-Fix URLs, noConflict

Integrations overview :
Flickr, Picasa, Android Market



Basic-Options :

  • Auto-Activation : Automatically adds Slimboxes/Lightboxes to links which point to images.
  • Fix URLs : Automatically fix URLs containing invalid characters.
  • NoConflict : jQuery no-conflict option.

Integrations :

  • Flickr Integration : Automatically integrates Flickr thumbnails with Slimbox.
  • Android Market Integration : Automatically integrates Android Market URLs with Slimbox.
  • Picasa Integration : Automatically integrates Picasa Web Albums thumbnails with Slimbox.



Recomended Setting :

Activate "Auto-Activation". With "Auto-Activation" on, you only have to point a link directly to an image, and the result will be a link that opens the respective image in a lightbox.


Advanced Lightbox-Linkage : Create individual lightbox-slideshows by grouping.

By default, you can slide through all images linked to lightboxes on a page from right within an open lightbox.

But if you wish to group images to seperated slideshows there is a way to do this, by modifying the "rel" attribute of the pointing link like this :

from (standard):
<a href="/link/to/image.jpg" rel="lightbox">Linktext</a>
to something like this:
<a href="/link/to/image.jpg" rel="lightbox[groupname]">Linktext</a>

where "groupname" is optional and all lightbox-links with the same "groupname" will be connected in one lightbox-slideshow.

You can alter the rel-attribute right in the link-editor (see here).


After installing, remembter to activate the plugin from within the Extension-Manager -> Plugins.

Here you can also set all the various options and activate the special funtionalities mentioned above.


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