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Module IceVmCart with MooTools 1.2 / MooTools-Upgrade-Plugin

The Joomla! module "IceVmCart" (mod_ice_vmcart) seems to yet not support MooTools 1.2. But many components require Mootools 1.2 / the plugin "System - Mootools Upgrade" to be active on order to work properly, like for instance the famous component "Chronoforms".

So i did some modification on the JavaScript that was not compatible with mootools 1.2.x originally.



This file is an altered version of the file script.js, which comes as part of the module IceVmCart for Joomla! CMS.
It's a quick-and-dirty rewitten version that RUNS WITH MOOTOOLS 1.2.x / the plugin System - Mootools Upgrade active.


Usage instructions:

Replace the file /modules/mod_ice_vmcart/assets/script.js with this modded version. It's highly recommedned to do a backup of the original file before overwriting it ! ( Or just rename it to something like "script-org.js" and then upload the new script.js )




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