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Thank you :3 You help me pay my licenses.


Lab5's Panorama 3D Module

Lab5's simple Google Maps Streetview Panorama Module. No need for a google maps api key or anything.  Just take any Pano URL - directly from Google Maps - and transfere the 2 values for  latitude and longitude into your module's setting and that's all you need to start. There are more setting available for you to adjust your panorama module(s), but they are all optional and not necessary.

I am hereby sharing with y'all a module i have created for a particular case for myself, but since it is so easy to share Joomla! extensions, that is what hereby i am doing. May it help some of you people out there as well as it solved my problem.



But let's make one thing clear : That does in no way mean, that i were giving any sort of support, which i am not. You can either have this module ( without support ) for free, probably  sparing you alot of time, or you can have nothing at all. That's the deal. So pls : No complaints about the fact, that the present doesn't come with any support. But you are of course free to approach me professionally anytime you wish, if e.g.  you need support, modifications or enhancements of the module or anything.
Enjoy! :)

Übercompressor CSS - One plugin to bind them all, to compress them and to cache them

Übercompressor CSS - One plugin to rule them all, to find them, to compress them all and into the cache to bind them.

Powerful StyleSheet CSS compressor, CSS minifier and unifier.

The purpose is to speed up page loading time. Significantly.

This Joomla! plugin reduces massively the number of requests a browser has to complete,

Übercompressor JS - Serves you one sweet, minimized file instead of manymany

Übercompressor JS - One Plugin to bind them all, to compress them and to cache them.

Powerful JS JavaScript compressor and unifier.

One, compressed, optimized request instead of dozens of .js JavaScript files and this file-requests by numerous extensions.

This plugin reduces the overall mass of data needed to be transfered to the browser, so the request naturally gets completed faster.

Bootstrap3 Plugin with jQuery + Joomla Options

Bootstrap3 plugin for Joomla!. This neat plugin brings you Twitter's Bootrap 3 directly into your Joomla! with the greatest of ease. You can even choose the subversions precisely.

Also comes with Joomla! Options and jQuery Options to comfortably control the jQuery(s) of your installation.


This extension / functionality is part of "jPowerTools".


Lab5 - Slimbox 2

Integrates "Slimbox 2" into Joomla! for intuitive Lightbox functionalities

joomla slimbox extension lightbox plugin

joomla 1.6 joomla 1.7 joomla 2.5 joomla 3.0

Integrates the famous "Slimbox 2" script ( by digitalia.be ) into Joomla!, where Slimbox 2 itself is a visual clone of the popular Lightbox 2 script by L.Dhakar, written using the jQuery javascript library.

Options overview :
Auto-Activation, Auto-Fix URLs, noConflict

Integrations overview :
Flickr, Picasa, Android Market


ext_plugin joomla 2.5 joomla 3.x  

This plugin represents a bundle of usefull functions, to make your work with Jooma! even easier. jPowerTools is a plugin like a swiss army knife. Neat and handy!

CB Plugin - For Buddies Only Tabs & Fields

Settability to show / hide Community Builder tabs / fields when profile-visitor is a 'buddy' ( connected member ) !


This Community Builder plugin adds a new, applicable condition ' isBuddy? ' on fields and tabs, which allows to show/hide tabs, show/hide fields on the condition, that the profile-viewer is a connected member ( aka 'buddy' ) to that respective profile.

joomla 1.5 joomla 1.6 joomla 1.7 joomla 2.5

Download :

Lab5 - Custom Readmore

Easily replaces all "Read more"-Buttons with your own ones

for joomla 2.5

Exchanges Joomla!'s standard "Read more"-HTML with your own one.  Systemwide! That means : Not only in your component's output but also in modules, other plugin's outputs etc. wherever the native readmore is used. Easy and cool. Enjoy!

EasyFlash Module & Plugin

Mod EasyFlash - Module Parameters

joomla 1.5 joomla 1.6 joomla 1.7 joomla 2.5
Joomla Module EasyFlashext_plugin PHP 5.3 compatible  joomla 3.0

EasyFlash Module - This Joomla module allows you to place flash movies into module positions.

! Now with No-Flash -Fallback/Content-Option to deliver alternative contents for iPhones and co ! ;)

EasyFlash Plugin - This Joomla plugin allows you to place flash movies into the content of an article.


{easyflash movie:[path+filename] id:[container id] width:[width in px] height:[height in px] [optional parameter:value]}

The "movie", "id", "width", "height" parametes are requireds, any other is optional. The primary source of EasyFlash parameters is the {easyflash} line in an article and the missing parameters are from the given defaults of EasyFlash plugin.

Module IceVmCart with MooTools 1.2 / MooTools-Upgrade-Plugin

The Joomla! module "IceVmCart" (mod_ice_vmcart) seems to yet not support MooTools 1.2. But many components require Mootools 1.2 / the plugin "System - Mootools Upgrade" to be active on order to work properly, like for instance the famous component "Chronoforms".

So i did some modification on the JavaScript that was not compatible with mootools 1.2.x originally.