CB Plugin - For Buddies Only Tabs & Fields

Settability to show / hide Community Builder tabs / fields when profile-visitor is a 'buddy' ( connected member ) !


This Community Builder plugin adds a new, applicable condition ' isBuddy? ' on fields and tabs, which allows to show/hide tabs, show/hide fields on the condition, that the profile-viewer is a connected member ( aka 'buddy' ) to that respective profile.

joomla 1.5joomla 1.6joomla 1.7joomla 2.5

Download :

Installation is easy via the CB Plugin Installer, just like every other Community Builder plugin.



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#Works with CB 2.8 but not with CB 2.10??Andrei2015-08-17 14:10
When I had Community Builder 2.8 - that worked perfectly for me.
but now, when I've updated to Community Builder 2.10, it doesn't work no more =(
Do you know why? :-?
+1 #RE: CB Plugin - For Buddies Only Tabs & FieldsDon Omondi2013-08-30 18:43

This seems like a fantastic plugin.

Is a version compatible with joomla 3.x coming out?


#Lab52012-03-19 10:59
Thank you for you response.

I must confess, i don't understand your suggestion(s);

Quoting Georgi:
... and to be read only when the user is buddy or not.
This is already what this plugin does.

Quoting Georgi:
... and to be writible only when the user is buddy or not.
A buddy cannot write into someone else's profile in Community Builder in general. And it'd be really bad if buddies could change someone else's profile.

Maybe a misunderstanding ?
#Georgi2012-03-19 09:29
This plugin is awsome!

I have suggestion. Can be made not only to show/hide tab/field, but and to be read only/writible when the user is buddy or not.

Can this be made?
+2 #RE: CB Plugin - For Buddies Only Tabs & Fieldslaurel2012-02-21 06:34
Thank you!!!! Thank you!!!

It works great. Fast, easy and simple to set up. Very helpful for our site which has private information in the tabs.